Visible Fiber Paper


Stable, Tough, Tensile, Smooth, Strong, Lasting, Water-resistant 


1. Material:75% cotton 25% linen
2. Size: ISO A4 ( 210×297 mm ); USA A4( 216×279 mm )
3. Gram weight:30g-180g
4. Package: 500 sheets / Box
5. Category: fiber paper can be divided into color visible fiber paper and invisible fluorescent fibers and fluorescent point fiber paper. The former one can be seen on the paper with the naked eyes, while the latter one must be seen under ultraviolet light. The colors are red, yellow, blue, green and other colors. The fiber morphology can be thick or thin, short or long, fluorescent points are dots, which are distributed randomly, but also fixedly distributed in a certain place according to customer requirements.
6. Use: it is mainly used for various kinds of anti-counterfeiting paper products, such as labels, various certificates, financial documents, tax finance bills, vouchers, wine labels, specifications, paper outer packaging, quality card, and drop and admission ticket, etc.



75, 80gsm in stock now, no MOQ
Price: USD0.15- USD0.25 per sheet (500 sheets)

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