White Watermark Paper

( 1 ) Material:100% Import wood pulp and cotton pulp
( 2 ) Gram weight:30g-180g
( 3 ) Specification: 787x1092mm, roller or slab, specifications can be produced according to customer requirements
( 4 ) Category: watermark paper is divided into black watermark and white watermark and black and white watermark paper, and full version watermark, positioning watermark and relief watermark can be produced according to customer requirements.
( 5 ) Use: watermarked paper is a traditional and effective anti-counterfeiting measures, make the company trademark or name or product names into watermark according to customer requirements to protect intellectual property and increase product popularity. It is mainly used for various kinds of anti-counterfeiting paper products, such as labels, various certificates, financial documents, tax finance bills, vouchers, wine labels, brochures, paper outer packaging, quality card, and drop and admission ticket, etc.

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